lofi lockdown ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop combine

🎵 lofi lockdown ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop combine
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►I wish to thank every considered one of you for 400 THOUSAND subscribers! It has been considered one of my largest objectives and we did it in just a bit over a 12 months which is completely astounding! Here’s a sequel of my hottest combine – “3 a.m. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] (Examine/Sleep/Calm down music)”. This combine is nice for learning, gaming, meditatng, sleeping or simply chilling typically! I hope all of you’ve got a implausible day/night time!!



00:00 WYS – Snowman

03:15 bmilk – Espresso Date In August

06:30 bmilk – maintain my hand as we stroll by means of our troubles

07:37 trxxshed – Warped [w_Mvdb]

09:34 Retro Aesthetic Boy – The night time we mentioned goodbye

11:36 bmilk – sunset_

14:03 bmilk – missed name from my beautiful

16:09 GabrielMzero – uma guitarra e um pouco de sono

18:20 Kayo ?? – Mistaken

20:52 wwolf ts – farewell

23:04 soitchy – Owl

25:54 tony stocker – metropolis lights

27:52 Tony stocker – Somewhat wine wont harm you _w Andy Dufrain

30:20 bmilk – i noticed a cute blondie at a pumpkin discipline

31:23 bmilk – ready for the woman of my goals that may by no means come

33:03 Wwolf ts – Final ideas

35:01 Wwolf ts – Lonely day

37:03 Aixion – love you extra

38:39 Aixion – her favourite

41:02 King Chemist – Forgotten Footprints

43:53 .EEhOU – Relax

46:13 .EEhOU – Only a woman

48:03 RichHomie – tobak (ARVO TO ME)


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  1. stay home, stay safe


  3. https://youtu.be/p4OmdrLp9T4 Not a click bait I just sorted my favorite ones so other can enjoy

  4. Quarantine got me incredibly lazy. Though I got to spend time with my loved ones and had time to think about all sorts of things, my mind needed the motivation to catch up with all the work that awaited me. Thank you Feardog, I am finally being productive again after such a long time due to this playlist🌱

  5. if you're here studying: stop going through the comments, okay? they'll be here when you get back. imagine that amazing feeling of finishing all of your work, grab a pen, read your notes, and do your best. you've got this 🙂

    if you're trying to sleep: set a nice alarm on your phone, turn the sound down to low, and put your phone by your bed. breathe deep, and focus on nothing in particular. if you struggle sleeping, try some exercises such as pretending you are walking through a field. you come across a gate. what does the gate feel like? what does it look like? what's surrounding it? go through the gate, and walk up to a huge tree. imagine writing down your worries and hanging them on the tree. then think of 5 thins you can hear, see, smell, feel, and maybe even taste. take deep breaths. this really helped me with anxiety. you could also try tensing your body, from the toes all the way up to you face, and hold it for 5 seconds. do this 3 times more. they used that one in the army. don't look at the time, just relax 🙂

    if you're here to try and relax because of stress: take some deep breaths. maybe go on a walk, grab a stuffed toy and hug it, let your tears out, my friend. try to get some rest, or finish whatever you need to do, then do something you enjoy. you've overcome hard times before, i believe you can do it again 🙂

    if you're here drawing: watch how beautifully the pencil or pen scratches the paper, look at the beautiful picture you've created, if you don't like it, that's okay. you don't have to be proud of everything you've done, but just because you don't like this one doesn't mean you should give up. keep going, because even the worst of art is still art because you still did something 🙂

  6. her leg is gonna be so numb by the time this is done

  7. Squiddy McSquidface

    hey. i love you.

  8. essa do gabriel mzero é muito boa <3

  9. That first song beat bro damn loved it

  10. Alexander Ryskiewich

    This sounds like ChilledCow

  11. This music is so comforting when you are feeling down 🙂 thanks for uploading

  12. I didnt notice this until after but at 11:40 I got an ad which was ANOTHER lofi mix and I only realised until 20 minutes in 😅

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