Lil Wayne Bought Drake & Nicky Minaji's Masters.

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Lil Wayne – Darkside (Official Audio)

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  1. I Don't Like That Sh¡t

    I'm mad af I missed the live. That jew interview was crazy. I got into it with a jew where I work because I told his a$$ that "they ain't the real jews"

  2. Great live Mike 💓🙏

  3. 16:30 Some Mafia members are government officials. It was on Ny nightly news years ago.

  4. One of Michael Jackson’s managers was in the MOB. Listen to the goodfellas commentary on the dvd and it’s said.

  5. Fuck the zoom, he put his sleeve back down without a bandaid….

  6. Lease for 48% for 5yrs @100ms

  7. What are y'all talking about ….He soul for federali ….Get out of jail free card

  8. Them beefs on record/Nic/Remy/Pusha/Drack

  9. The loyalty is in his pockets… when the money run low then people start to show…

  10. First off he (Lil Wayne) never owned Young Money imprint, the deal was 51% Cash Money Records to Wayne's 49. What do you own at that point?

  11. Hey Mike! I hate I missed The Live, but was able to catch the replay.Thanks for sharing replay.❤

  12. Latoya Menyweather

    So 100/3 equals $33.3 million per artists for their entire catalogs. Is Lil Wayne on crack? Those are the top artists for the last 10 yrs. That means every artist that is just as good ain't getting no more than $30 million for their catalogs. That's what happens when you devalue yourself. You change the game for the entire industry. You make everybody worth- less.

  13. Latoya Menyweather

    Cash Money has cashed out! But at least they got cash… Jay Z basically got a $200 million dollar loan for his masters… And sold Kanye's masters to get that loan. Niggas in Paris? Niggas in America…

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