35 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – Shit Stains

  1. Hect Rodriguez says:

    45inches is 610 around here h Houston Chronicle the new Orleans saints on Saturday and from their first day of school Saturday night is scheduled for yo noon at the university of Hardin og institute

  2. Maxwell Prosise says:

    Lililite lite e lit up the upsee wake up the shake it up pus*y no s** stains 🔥 fireworks 🔥

  3. QUANTUM ARMY says:

    🐍ఙ్ర్ж฿฿฿฿฿฿.Grandњ33°රැැ්ඉඹ්ගර්‍ීුලුිංඥිෑ්බ්இா்ீௌ..1st DISTRICT🎥§wift*क्षइं*झँद१ं*ACTIVE 36°©raft MASTER..KNIGHTs Temp*💾♨💾♨💾💻♨💻♨💻💾💾💾🐣💾💾💾

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