40 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – Pour Up (Remastered)

  1. Jameson95 says:

    I’ve been waiting for a version like this, I like the OG better, the OG beat is fire af, but it’s awesome to have a version with no Raj Smoove tags, good job

  2. Jameson95 says:

    I already commented but just wanted to say i rocks with this edit bro, great attention to detail, I like the way you edited the ending of the song to

  3. Startthrough Finish says:

    Load the magizene and its already top ed sped talking back after each one I make a whole lot and its almost what ever I got whole thang means nothing but chalk then make even more because there really not what they say as much s the tip shoulda stoped when it said gang but I do other stuff at the bottom now u thank ur funny really goofie like a sped talking back like ebba igniting the slams between there this they get what they did dead or not I thought I needed more then what I do I get that I don't do quaniti where the quaire at should of stoped and thought before I fucked the sky rich off of nothing a whole lot of sky in there make every one get on there face stand and bounce not back just ant some crow u thank ur some one I did a whole lot for nothing die on the bleechers already butchered

  4. Mack West says:

    Pour up a lot
    Smores sir mix a lot
    Floor feels mo up than not
    Scores up n I'm up on top
    Your sure that I'm high but I'm not
    More pure Mack that guy just my knots…just my thoughts
    @Mack West aka Kobe Wonkanobe

  5. Big Puff says:

    "As soon as I seen. Niggas sippin green. I was like, where they do that?! 🙅🏾‍♂️❌🤢🤮Bring that shit back" HE SHOULD OF SAID TAKE THAT SHIT BACK!! Fr tho

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