Lil Wayne – Peanut Butter (Response)

Peanut Butter 🥜🥜🥜🥜 Is one other Banger off the New No Ceilings…. This Odyssey 🌌🌌🌌🌌 Be Boomin after we land 2 see how 1of the Goats are doing 💪💪💪💪….. Y’all Boomin wit it 🤔🤔🤔🤔 (I Don’t personal the rights of this track)


lil wayne

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  1. You should react to The parables by cordae👍🏼

  2. What's up bro new here awesome Reaction video tho bro great work. I dropped a reaction vid aswell #salute

  3. The beat is Kacey talk- NBA YB

  4. You a vibe my dude. Smoke sumthn

  5. NBA ran this on the original, too. Wayne can do whatever style he wants.

  6. Almighty Diety33 Gaming

    Lil wayne killed the song so bad you forgot that lil wayne made the original 😂😂

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