Lil Wayne – Glory (Official Music Video)

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Woo, this that shit they did not need me on
I am ’bout to behave a badonkadonk, shamone, shamone
Do not want sugar, I want cream, I am darkish and robust
The rubbish man puttin’ on cologne, aroma fallacious
I am on, I am on, this that shit they did not need
I act a ass and shit a skunk, I’ll, I will not
Black your eye like, you Willy Wonka
That is me within the Lam, I am disappearin’ like Jimmy Hoffa
AK-47 my enterprise companion, enterprise is swell
French kiss a bitch, she do not communicate French, cannot kiss and inform
I push his ass within the wishin’ effectively, then want him effectively
Sippin’ syrup like ginger ale, however I am the quickest snail
From right here to Hell, I hear them hail, I give them hell
I am spittin’ hail, I am Clinton, effectively, I did inhale
These niggas frail, they Chip and Dale, they little ladies
Watch me act a donkey, then pin a tail, spit out your nails
Uh, glory, hallelujah
Holy shit, I am the holy shit, I am God’s manure
I understand how to hack a jeweller ward and never computer systems
I meditate like a Buddhist, Holy ramen noodles
And now you sleep, I am inside your room wit’ loads of shooters
You get up to this chopper device, it is like, ‘Cock-a-doodle’
I am awkward, cuckoo, I flip your Froot Loop to chocolate Yoo-Hoo
I am hotter than Honolulu, glory unto you, glory
I am awkward, cuckoo, I flip your Froot Loop to chocolate Yoo-Hoo
I am hotter than Honolulu, my garments and socks and footwear new
I been a boo-boo since ga-ga goo-goo and Dada, FUBU
Make all people that knew you boo-boo, I acquired them spooked too
I drive a impartial, shock the long run like Dr. Luther
I am not a chooser, your mother a cougar, I sock it to her
My cocaine white as a white beluga, I like bazookas
I am excessive as lunar, I am wilder than Tyga’s Nikes, Pumas
Woo, this that shit you did not need me on
My weed louder than underarms and automobile alarms
Cheers, I mentioned, ‘Shock’, however could not…


lil wayne

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  2. I'm a die hard #LilWayne fan.
    I'm a die hard #Eminem fan.
    People ask me who my favorite is I answer I would rather die than choose 💯💯💯 mostly because I can't.

    If there is a Hip Hop God.
    Then I pray 🙇🏿‍♂️🙇🏿‍♂️🙇🏿‍♂️ that Lil Wayne and Eminem do a album or a mixtape together to bless the Hip Hop Game.

  3. Richie Rich 4Dub


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  5. The dreads😍

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