LeBron James Impresses Jay-Z With Loopy Dunk In Duel vs

LeBron James Impresses Jay-Z With Loopy Dunk In Duel vs Giannis Antetokounmpo! Lakers vs Bucks March 6, 2019-20 NBA Season

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  1. Wade be like "man, I miss throwing alley oops."

  2. Haha 😂 this narrator man……the worst but funny as hell

  3. To me that's not that crazy. That's his everyday signature dunk. I remember I was at the game when he went under his legs and dunked it during a high school game. I wish he would do that again during a fast break!

  4. You can see Giannis disappointment on midleton after LeBrons dunk

  5. #LBJ was beasten in that game.. Looking forward to the NBA Playoffs..!

  6. Jay Z must be a bandwagon fan of every NBA team.

  7. Can’t believe we still have Clive but not Freedawkins

  8. Was that an attempt to make a bar lol, “It doesn’t matter if you’re Jay Z ain’t nobody catching Z’s when LeBron is in the building”😂😅

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