KIREINA 「 綺麗な」 Japanese Lofi Hip Hop beat to chill out to by

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  1. The animation reminds me of Lulu from FFX 🙂

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  4. this video was the one who introduced me into lof music, and now its all I listen to when i study

  5. Hi! I love this! I'm a streamer here on YouTube and on Twitch as:
    NomadRootsTV. Can i use this when I'm streaming? I'm doing a Hardocre
    WoW run where Death = Delete, as well as other rules being implemented. I
    always forwards the viewers to the source of what i play 🙂

  6. LIKE na Play!!Tem como baixar estas musicas do seu canal, e se eu posso postar nos meus videos de game!!

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  8. 25:27 The note cut off too early

  9. can i listen to this on my yt-stream? its so good

  10. What is the name of the type of clothes the girl is wearing?
    Pls someone tell me

  11. This crazy girl is waterproof..not only that, she has 3 swords and only 2 scabbards. Someone call Zoro for a match made in heaven

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  14. relax and chill <3

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