Keith City's Emotional Luke Combs Cowl, Kelly Clarkson

City impressed not solely followers, but in addition when he coated ’ hit single “Even Although I am Leaving.” made positive to let the haters know she is aware of find out how to care for her personal daughter, River Rose. Additionally, we focus on Carly Pearce and stunning information surrounding “Fixer Higher.”

0:00 Intro

2:18 Defending Her Daughter

4:08 Shock Information From Fixer Higher

8:23 Carly Pearce Studio Session

10:26 City Protecting

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keith city

23 thoughts on “Keith City's Emotional Luke Combs Cowl, Kelly Clarkson

  1. Sassy Sandra says:

    Oh THANK GOD your Back!!! I missed you!!! You are the one that got my attention enough to sub then a few weeks in another guy is on…I’m like WTF I don’t wanna watch this guy he’s not as easy on the easy as you are so I almost left and BOOM💥 YOUR BACK! Just in the nick of time!! Thank you for all you do!! Xo

  2. Andrew Keener says:

    I understand that celebrities want to share other aspects of their lives, not related to their craft. But I personally feel that their personal lives need to remain just that … personal and private. I personally don't feel it's my business if celebs are getting married / divorced, or having kids. I feel that it's not my place to know, as I have no place to judge them. I'm not walking their walks in life. I mean I'm happy to know if they truly want that info to be shared. But I personally don't want them to be pressured into sharing.

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