Keith City – Wasted Time (Official ACM Presents: Our

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Take heed to ’s efficiency of “” from the April fifth 2020 present Presents: Nation. ’s newest single “God Whispered Your Title” is on the market in all places now.

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Music video by Keith City performing ( ACM Presents: Our Nation Efficiency). © 2020 Hit Crimson Information, below unique license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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34 thoughts on “Keith City – Wasted Time (Official ACM Presents: Our

  1. tatiana vinci says:

    Very nice as always bravo Bello talented ma tutti sti tatuaggi erano necessari? Boh .. ciao

  2. Cathy Aldrich says:

    This song is one of my favorites. It takes me back to my highschool and early twenties. I was constantly blowing out the speakers in my Mom's car-then my own. My Dad had installed a pair of speakers, he said that there was no way that I could blow them out. It took 2 days before they were toast-I hadn't done so on purpose. I still crank up my radio when I'm driving. I was upnorth (the top 1/3 of the state of Michigan) at my parents, to help my Mom after she had surgery on her shoulder a year ago, I had gone into town to pick up a few things, when I pulled up to their house, their neighbor, David (whose very close to my age-53) said, "You're music's a bit loud there." I laughed, then replied, "David, I actually turned the radio down when I turned onto the street."
    I was limited to the mileage that I was allowed to put on my parents vehicles back in highschool. My favorite thing was to drive around with my friends and/or boyfriend. So I learned how to turn the mileage back. When I would sneak out after curfew (I was a "night owl", and still am for that matter-it's 3:49 a.m. right now in fact), I would take my Mom's car, our house sat on the top of an incline. I'd put the key in, turn it to the first notch (which doesn't start the engine) put it in neutral, push it out into the street, get it rolling, the start it when it got a few houses away. When I came home, I gunned the engine, put the car in neutral, killed the engine and coasted into our driveway-my parents had given me my own sets of keys for their cars (I was saving money for college, so they figured it would be in both of our best interests to drive their cars instead of buying my own.)-I never got caught, yet the 1st time my brother snuck out, they caught him as he was sneaking back in thru a window. Lol. I loved driving. My Dad taught me how to drive a dunebuggy (that topped out at 80 mph) when I was 8 yrs old, snowmobiles when I was 9 yrs old, I bought my 1st motorcycle when I was 13 yrs old. I couldn't touch the ground flat footed. The guy that sold it to me had re-done the motor on it in order to race it at the dragstrip. It flew. He didn't inform me of that when I bought it. By the time I actually "got" to driving a car, it was a piece of cake. It took me 5 minutes to learn how to drive a stick(shift)/manual transmission.
    The guys that I grew up with were my best friends-I was literally the only girl in my neighborhood-so I was always one of the guys. I didn't mind, I learned early on that guys have much more fun than girls do, they're loyal, honest, and trustworthy to a fault.
    At any rate, the best times in my life were truly "wasted time". Thanks for putting it in words that fit those years to a tee, as well as the awesome music to back them up.
    Listening to this song, well actually the whole album, is a great way to "escape" the current chaos our world has been in with the Corona virus. Michigan has been hit hard. I am so grateful for our first responders, not only here, but everywhere, for their service and for risking their lives to save others.

  3. WendyLou Wombat says:

    Love you Keith & co. Unreal, you gave me goosebumps tonight.. Thankyou, vodkas & singing along from NT Australia xo

  4. Rosebud says:

    Did I see a ad that you"ll be playing for the NEW WORLD ORDER, I mean ONE WORLD! I'm sorry to hear that! I think you would do better to stay away from all that and do your own thing, So many of us are not happy with the WHO and you"re so much better than that!! Good luck to you if you play on behalf of that narrative! I'm sorry, I'm shocked that you would have any association with them, because everyone know what they represent!! AMEN BLESSINGS TO YOU!! I'm sure after you read this my request in the comments won't happen.

  5. Sheila Barron says:

    Hoping You All are Well in Your Home God Bless To You and Your Family and Love and Peace To You All

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