Kanye West Caught On Digicam Screaming At Probability The Rapper
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Leaked footage from when Probability The Rapper paid Kanye West a go to in Wyoming has now come out that exhibits Kanye going loopy. Hopefully we will collect some extra context surrounding what led as much as this in addition to what adopted.

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34 thoughts on “Kanye West Caught On Digicam Screaming At Probability The Rapper

  1. Britt N says:

    Ever since Kanye tweeted that Kim wanted to terminate her first pregnancy, that dude has been off the rails and needs to be medicated. It used to be like oh he’s this crazy quirky genius. Now he’s just crazy.

  2. Blaba Gajui says:

    this guy NEEDS to be forcefully locked up for a week or 2 and put on medication, or we will have another OJ, except OJ is actually a psychopath, this guy is losing his shit more and more by the minute. Except what theyll probably give him would be antipsychotics which make you WAY worse, he needs a good mood stabilising anti depressant that can take a good few tries, even a year of trying different ones and beta blockers for a while.

  3. Mesha G says:

    Kanyes suffering from bi-polar disorder … as someone who has it , knows it first hand, we can tend to have loud and explosive reactions. But thr thing is our friends and family know not to take it personally and that it's not us, it's our illness

  4. Hoop Jeanne says:

    I think you can’t always apply real world logic to someone who’s going through a mental breakdown.

    It’s strange to ask if we thought he went overboard.. I guess if we applied a relatively normal behavioral pattern to someone who’s going through it, then the answer would be yes, but why would we do that?

  5. Bella says:

    “People in the industry haven taken advantage of him”..??? Really? Chance the Rapper is already famous. That has nothing to do with Kanye being a piece of sh*t towards him. What can Chance possibly need from Kanye at this point?

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