Kalakaar Hu Newest rap Tune Pithoragarh Uk05||My First

➪Presenting you my first Rap Tune
Kalakaar Hu|First Rap Tune|feat.Nrj Samant
:-This track is my first step within the hip hop trade
Hope you prefer it
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Rapper/Singer/Author: Nrj Samant
Beats by: Laborious Rap Instrumental
Video by: Nvn
➪Particular thanks:
New Rapper
Talgoan Manufacturing
Laborious Instrumental beats
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  1. Neeraj Singh Samant


  2. vaah mere kalakaar vaah !!!!!!!!!!

  3. 👍❤️Keep up partner😉🔥

  4. Supperb bro🔥

  5. Tgda mere bhai..

  6. comedy with Ruhi Samant


  7. Nrj Samant Official

    Ur love and support is everything for a creator ,Gyus do support for the first and we will move on with new different songs❣️. Thanks again

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