J Cole 'Mentioned What He Mentioned' In 'Snow Tha

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  1. This is why Hov ain't been back on the show Ya'll be sounding stupid

  2. How is j Cole wrong for responding to sum somebody said that could b directed toward him they BOTH said indirect comments at the end of the day she said sum that was closely pointed at j cole and or Kendrick (I really think she was talkin bout k dot) j cole has done shit for his ppl just because he didnt put a tweet out wen ppl think he should doesn't mean anything cole is human he had a human response that was respectful so yall problem is that he said he didnt likened tone?

  3. I think that Cole said I
    "I'm just a nigga that rap I don't read" was a shot to anybody who thinks the song was not about noname. Y'all got to be stupid to think that that song was not about her. C'mon y'all did y'all not hear the responding track to lil whateva. That clearly was a sub to all the people who didn't think the song wasn't about her. THINK

  4. Cole isn’t obligated to satisfy people thru social media he’s got his own life he’s human people be depending on tweets too much bro a tweet don’t mean nothing.. Cole has been rapping about this topic since born sinner

  5. Aint nobody canceling Cole yall sound dumb he said what he said.. he didn't like her tone period.

  6. He didn’t say watch ur tone he said by ur tone I can tell ur just judging

  7. For once Charlemagne made sense…

  8. True true he gave her props no disss just reflection

  9. So many people in Georgia cant read

  10. Only people that turned on j.cole is the people that don’t listen to j.cole. Ignorance comes in many forms

  11. J. Cole didn't diss anyone on that song. He called her Queen and he made some good points. In no way did he disrespect her. Those saying he dissed her need to google what diss means. Diss is short for disrespect for you simpletons.

  12. Outta of any artist y’all pick too switch on Cole 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m done!

  13. He’s not hurt, he’s just saying to chill out on calling people (top selling rappers) out and use the platform to invite and inform those that aren’t actively engaged as she is. Better way to go about it than shaming those that don’t move the way you do.

  14. Angela was the only understanding one. Those 2 others guys just say wat they say for the radio. They are part of the problem, when did you play songs like Free, or KDot’s pimp a butterfly. You have a platform to help educate our people with at least a 1 hour session or revolutionary songs, but all you play is songs about doing drugs and killing people. GTFOH

  15. Charlamagne does to his audience what stephen a smith does to ufc

  16. Black lives matter is the lgbtq community I don't support it

  17. I still support J.Cole. People just wanna complain about something

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