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nicki minaj

34 thoughts on “if Nicki Minaj had a verse on Levitating by Dua Lipa..

  1. Yangchen Dolma says:

    Baby you my son, like you rising in the east
    last night i ate a snickers, but i still woke up a beast
    i'm a gymnast on the charts i'm about to do a leap, til i'm floating
    levitating dula peep
    when bitches say my name Nicki makes a mill or two
    i smell some new careers, i might have to kill a few
    you couldn't be the queen even if you willing to
    cause the crown is stuck to my scalp like I sprayed it with gorilla glue
    Dua Lipa called my phone she said "Nicki please save me!
    can you write a verse for my song levitating?
    fine. I guess i'll rap for the nice lady
    wrote it in 5 minutes did it better than Dababy .

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