35 thoughts on “I do know What Occurred To The Actual Gucci Mane – Hopsin Admits

  1. Stevie Womack says:

    This is ridiculous..we all know how our Government and justice system works. Y'all really think they would take the time or money to clone someone like Gucci Mane!! Hilarious!!!

  2. Donnie Pase says:

    So yall mean to tell me that the government or the music industry took the time to take a rapper a gangbanger who hadn't stopped the.charts since 2009 and cloned him? Come on man he ain't chart till he got out of jail and only three times since then he hasn't charged again currently since 2018 what would they get out of that plus hospitals is shorter then gucci and this gucci looks just like the older gucci just more in shape my cousin used to be fat and he went to jail in got in shape I guess he a clone too and I went to jail for eight and a half years I didn't come home fat lol but I guess I'm a clone too lmao

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