I hopped on Joyner Lucas' remix for "Will"

Y’all know I needed to do it 🙂 Me ‘n .Joyner Lucas on the remix of “Will”! Get the music:


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  1. Wow This goes HARD!!!…..Black Excellence!!

  2. Who's better, Eddie or will?

  3. Will, I Loved everything about this video!. You cut it upI you said you already sold 60 million, lol i heard that. you still got it! I have always been so amazed ar ur gifts. Your one of the most gifted men in the entertainment industry. One of the most humble men, that continue to give back to the people. If things done work out with the beautiful Mrs Smith, Please keep me in front of the long, long, long line of the single and available! I'm not playing. lol. For Real, wishing you all the love and happiness that u deserve. May God bless you and your beautiful family.

  4. I hope joyner roast jada ,august and rick ross for tryna break a legend😭🤴🏾

  5. I hope joyner roast jada ,august and rick ross for tryna break a legend😭🤴🏾

  6. "RIP James Avery" – just hit different <3

  7. Dammm boi. ….these things are my daydreams dammmm boiiii

  8. Omg 😱 goddamn Will is the best man alive. Like is there anything that he can't do?….come on now like take in his lyrics wow 😮 love Will 💯👍🙏🤗

  9. JennTheCapricorn

    I love this!❤

  10. salam will i must be the greatest thank you 👍📻

  11. i'am show you how great i 'am thank you for fresh bel air will carlton dj


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