HyperHimes – Lonely Planet (Rap Lyric Video)

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4 thoughts on “HyperHimes – Lonely Planet (Rap Lyric Video)

  1. Nearryyy says:

    “I’m brave, strong, and loyal, and that’s a fact. But, at the least, try and find me if I don’t come back.”

    Damn… this whole song just took my heart, stepped on it a bit, put it on a blender, dragged it through an active war zone, cyber bullied it, and pinned it to a dartboard. And, that’s a good thing.

    This song is so beautifully painful, it sticks with you. And, this song will stick with me. For a long time. Maybe, even forever. I would say more, but I don’t want this comment to be too long. All I can say is… wonderful job. Keep it up, I beg of you.

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