How does this promotion work?


Below answers to your questions:


Question: How this promotion works?
Answer: We embed your Music Track url in our Website and Share in our Social media to general audiences


Question: How many days will you deliver my order?
Answer: We’ll Deliver in around 2 – 20days ( delivery depends from your song, whether our audience will like immediately your song , if not will like will take longer )


Question: What is your website and Social network
Answer: , ,


Question: is your promotion safe?
Answer: We use our website and social network to promote music, currently we have promoted around 6,000 artist around the word, and you can see our promotions posts directly from


Question: Is Your website safe?
Answer: Our website is super safe!! Our website is encrypted to protects your login information, credit card numbers, and other secure data.


Question: Which payment method you use?
Answer: We use paypal payment and you will be able to pay with credit card, venmo, debit card , Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies .


Question: I need extra information, how can I contact you?
Answer:  You can contact us through our Contact Form