Find out how to use . Music

Find out how to use . , the primary options of the service together with playlists, casting to good audio system, importing songs to the , platform availability and extra!

0:00 Intro
0:49 First opening up the app
1:05 Mixes
1:45 Residence part
2:20 Casting
3:17 Now taking part in display
7:33 Utilizing Assistant and . Music
7:57 Utilizing with . Music
8:10 Discover sections
8:39 Search performance
8:56 Importing music to . Music
9:22 part
10:50 Necessary settings
12:31 Free vs. paid model
13:35 . Premium vs. . Music Premium

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34 thoughts on “Find out how to use . Music

  1. EdPhonez Gaming says:

    This was fantastically put together, all the information i needed. Straight to the point, tons of info, and the voice was perfect. Thank you. We need more youtubers like you. Still sticking with google play music, but you helped make that decision.

  2. Hector Martinez says:

    Still trying to figure out how to eliminate duplicates on a playlist in YTM. GPM actually warns you when you try to add a duplicate song, not so here. So you have to manually scroll through and find the song you think is on your list twice.

  3. Aaron Richmond says:

    When my free trial of YM premium ends, will I be automatically charged and forced to only use the paid version? Am I able to use the free, version permanently? Thank you.

  4. Augusto Jorgensen says:

    I am shocked that you did not show the button above the song that is playing, which allows you to switch between audio and video right on the screen !!! 😱😱😱

  5. The Glutton says:

    Struggling with finding new songs added in the upload section. Only option for sorting is alphabetical, which makes finding your newly loaded song very difficult if you have an extensive library.

  6. Hellcat M says:

    This looks great, but its Google which is known for making products and then killing them when they don't make money. Also, putting on your own music or buying music, I wonder like with apple if they can delete music from your device. I trust Google more not to do this than apple but since I'm asking the question I don't 100% trust Google either.

    I don't see this doing as well as Spotify. I know it's been around for a while but you never hear Google talking about Google Music and how much they make off of it. Nice idea and I might look into it more, but not sure if I'll pull the trigger and buy into it. Spotify just works and it's been around for many years so I trust they'll be around for the longer run.

  7. Damian Castillo says:

    Is there an "in my library" section like there was in GPM? That section shows you what songs are in your library from an artist. I am not finding how to view those songs by artist.

  8. Jared Roten says:

    This is a money scheme by google. You have to pay to be able to play music with you screen off. Google Play Music allowed free streaming with no commercials. Looks like google hired some of the Apple bankers.

  9. Dan Brandenburg says:

    YouTube Music is primitive and featureless. After using Google Play Music for nearly a decade, YouTube Music seems like a major downgrade. While in some ways the service is comparable to Spotify and others, it feels like a significantly castrated version of the very awesome Google Play Music. Take nearly every feature of Google Play Music, remove the feature, create a more primitive interface that looks like it's from 2010, add a smaller library, and you have YouTube Music.

    Google Home/Assistant/Chromescast are all largely incompatible with YTM.

    The curated playlists are terrible and often littered with 10 year old 360p low quality videos… and your recommendations are influenced by random videos you may have liked on youtube 8 years ago.

    YouTube Music is trash.

    I'm surprised you speak of this trash so positively. Please consider Googling a bit to see the widespread hate of YouTube Music by loyal Google customers.

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