Coronavirus and Spotify Streaming!!
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12 thoughts on “How the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is even negatively affecting

  1. Katasha Gillette says:

    I’m that person that has it on constantly ☺️🤙🏻 but yes doesn’t play when on Netflix but doing house work and being around the house it’s always playing

  2. Jess says:

    Very interesting! Another factor could be that a lot of businesses which would normally be streaming music, such as retail stores and coffee shops are closed right now. Also there are so many less people commuting, whether it be to school, work or even long distance travel and I imagine that is the time when people do the majority of their music streaming.

  3. Alicia Rose says:

    I usually listened to Spotify on my commute or at work but I’m not able to now since I’m answering calls on my personal cell / not commuting / etc. and I hate the interface for the computer.

  4. Fashionmeetsmakeup says:

    Oh man, I’m sorry that sucks Landon. You were on a playlist I just listened to the other day. 😉 So it’s not me. I’m a graphic designer so I like to listen to it while I work. It helps keep the rhythm going. I also listen to it when I do creative things like crafting, painting drawing. Then I also listen to it while I get ready in the morning or do chores around the house.

    These are a few times during the week that people usually listen to it. Driving to work(especially if you have a long commute to work), in between classes or studying like you said, getting ready in the morning, and working out independently(if they are in a class or following a video they may not play music)

    I think you are right and watching tv is playing a big part in the dips though. Hopefully people start doing more creative or independent activities so it goes back up.

  5. elena gilbert says:

    Yes many businesses are being affected by the corona virus! I feel that we’re more focused on the news right now and trying to figure out what’s going on or just watching tv. I have faith this is temporary!

  6. Luz Yera says:

    I can agree with the whole background music while studying. I'm a sophomore in college going for a nursing degree so studying is like my life. I almost ALWAYS have music in the background. You're actually at the top of my list for music because your voice is so soothing and calming and just makes me feel productive haha. I truly believe this is all temporary and that the world will become slightly better from this. Much love, Landon!!

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