How evil is Ville Valo?

January 2000: We meet Ville Valo and Mikko Heinrik Julius Paananen from HIM after they simply landed their first number one hit in Germany with the music “Be part of Me”. In our interview the Finns talked about their music and their picture as rock musicians. “We not evil individuals!”


ville valo

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  1. Ville Valo is so evil,

    He secretly dropped three new tracks on YouTube without telling anyone lol

  2. Pero qué hermoso es este hombre. ♥

  3. if perfection doesn't exist, how do you explain Ville valo?

  4. Thank's for posting this. He has the most beautiful voice ever. And his accent was nice.

  5. Gab es Tik damals auch schon, oder für welchen Fernsehsender oder welches Magazin wurde das interview ursprünglich gemacht?

  6. Evil??!!!! Who the heck made up such a title for him. Ville is not evil 😄😄😄. If title bases on what Ville thinks or says, it doesn't make him evil. Omgoshh, such a hot type of man and evil. No way…😛😁😁😁😁. I would prefer a title "How hot is Ville Valo"

  7. Why wait 20 years to post an interview on YouTube?

  8. why does he look like a better version of Harry Styles in this video

  9. Awww♥️Ville is so cute…love him

  10. Im 100% straight. But holyshit this guy is beautiful.

  11. 2:33 But satanists are the best entertainers ^^

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