#1438 – “Heaven” – Storytelling Entice Beat | New Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2020, by Russian 🇷🇺 producers MakDouble. #Instrumentals | 💰 Buy (License) ➜

🎶 Beat Tempo – 78 BPM.
📷 Picture by Rahul Pandit. 📍 Contai, India 🇮🇳

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Instrumental: “Heaven” by MakDouble.

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30 thoughts on “"Heaven" – Storytelling Entice Beat | Rap Hip Hop

  1. Art Rutherford says:

    I guess I'll do it sense no one else will.
    I'm only where I'm at cause I'm lacking skill.
    Never gonna know how it feels to feel the thrill
    Of doing a show in front of millions packed to the gills.
    I aughta just put a bullet in my head and make it a done deal.
    I would if only somehow I could hold still.
    I can't tho cause I've swallowed too many pills.
    I'm just begging for the devil to fulfill his will
    And to just come and take me but I haven't seen him in a spell.
    And if I die right now does that mean I'm not going to hell?
    I just don't know. It's to hard to tell.
    That's an answer I just haven't managed to hit on the nail.
    Look in the mirror and see my face turning pale.
    And remembered some shit about suicide being sin
    And suddenly see the devil's reflection beholding a grin.
    Then the lights begin to dim and my eyes squint.
    I'm praying I go to heaven but my chances are slim.
    Then I guess I must've collapsed
    Because suddenly I saw a flash.
    Then I see my wife and kids.
    And think of all the time with them I missed
    While in the studio just trying to make rhymes fit
    And somehow like a magician pull out a rabbit and make a hit.
    I see the place where I grew up.
    And in this vision I got so sick and threw up.
    I was sick about how family and shit just blew up.
    And how somehow I survived it all by pure luck.
    My entire life flashed by quick like a gif.
    And all I can think about was how I was never thankful for shit.
    And then I remembered thinking how I wish I had another chance.
    And that somehow if I was granted another chance
    That'd I'd go back and fix the past.
    I'd go to all the people I made cry and make them laugh.
    I'd give up rap if…. Then suddenly another flash.
    I woke up just before the floor met my ass.
    I look down and see the gun in my hand.
    And a drop of blood and some broken glass.
    Guess I did pull the trigger after all, thank God it was only a glance.

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