Gorillaz – How Far? Ft. Tony Allen & Skepta

“I need to handle kids – they’ve messages and I need to convey them on my beat.” –

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Photograph: Bernard Benant

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35 thoughts on “Gorillaz – How Far? Ft. Tony Allen & Skepta

  1. ryn says:

    gorillaz and associates, thank you so much once again for introducing me to such amazing artists. i'm very grateful i could learn about Tony Allen. This is part of why i love Gorillaz

  2. Abdu Salam says:

    Damn tonys voice just sounds so pleasant and soothing, i wish i found out about him before his death. Rip.

  3. Mara Senna says:

    So weird how I heard this person for a first time today and I feel like I lost a mentor, and the world lost a font of wisdom and passion.

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