G Herbo – PTSD (Lyrics) Feat. Probability The Rapper, Juice WRLD

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⚡️ I flip the information on, after I odor dying in the air

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🎤”G Herbo – PTSD Feat. Juice Wrld, Probability The Rapper & Lil Uzi Vert” Lyrics:

[Intro] D.A. obtained that
D.A. obtained that dope

[Chorus: Juice WRLD] I flip the information on, after I odor dying in the air
I show you flawed, I made it out of right here
I do not belong, I see my previous all over the place
Do not stand too near me, everlasting PTSD
I obtained a warzone inside my head
I made it alone
They stated I would be in jail or useless
I’ve seen my brothers fall, again and again
Do not stand too near me, I obtained PTSD

[Verse 1: G Herbo] I used to be listening to bangs like Chief Keef
All the time yelling names, that is deceased
I am going off my thoughts and my intuition
Shootin’ on the identical time, we was in sync
On the identical factor, tryna repeat
We was in them whips, proper again on the enemies
Stuffed on my final hit, I used to be within the center seat
Fuck it out the solar roof, brodie obtained a fast launch
And we in a automobile actual quick for police
Photographs fired again however his ass on the street
Once I purchased a forty, confirmed Brittany & Tiffany
Understanding in the event that they name, it ain’t shit they can not get from me
Lot of warfare 17 had a 50 piece
Flexed on n****s so you understand they wanna kill a G (Royalty)
Posted within the hood with some Bentley keys (Loyalty)
Roc died, confirmed ’em what it actually imply
I can not sleep ‘trigger it is a…


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  1. Fish.FN. Add me on fn

    42 sec

  2. When someone is coughing beside me 0:44

  3. Juices lyrics remind me of all American

  4. I miss juice so much he actually made good content and made ppl happy he related life to music I miss him.

  5. It's sad how jail and dead were juice's last choices R.i.p juice 😪😔

  6. I wish x was in this song😔

  7. At least he’s sipping juice in a better wrld

  8. 1:331:37 when my parents tell me have fun at school when the virus ends

  9. MWAAAAAAD TUNE !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. R.i.p. juice wrld🕊💔

  11. 14 year olds be like: "eTeRnAl PtSd" after they get left on read

  12. Unpopular Opinion: Lil Uzi lowkey went hard

  13. The sad thing is in his last moments it was jail or death though

  14. i feel nice this song reminds me of playing warzone

  15. If u think bout it this is him reflecting the time he had the seizure as if he hadn’t died. For the people who don’t know what ptsd is it is basically paranoia and the stress reflecting back on the bad things that happened to them. So listing closely and u will understand that he may not be dead but that he is rather remembering that time and saying how he lived an made it out to live.😔

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