30 thoughts on “G Herbo – PTSD ft Juice WRLD & Likelihood The Rapper &

  1. NARUTO LOVER says:

    G Herbo and Lil Baby are the killers of Juice.
    They are in a gang with drug smugling and they made Juice wrld smugle marihuana and Juice was in the gang so he did what they told bcz they were the higher ups.

  2. Anderson Pecot says:

    Used to run home from the train stop
    Runnin' so fast dodgin' raindrops
    'Member got robbed at the park once
    'Member thinkin' that that bitch probably ain't caught
    'Member I was with my mama one time, seen a nigga through the glass
    Hit a nigga with a bankshot
    Point blank, head hanging off his tank top
    Walked off, we drove off, went to GameStop (skrrt)
    Quiet ride there, picked up San Andreas
    Certain things we ain't talk about, mama, we just prayed off
    We seen it all, don't get involved
    Carry the weight of the world like a shawl
    Conceal and revealing to people in court
    I still can feel it, I know that the world is evil
    In case you thought a nigga forgot it
    When my homie was bleeding out, another homie went in his pockets
    Please do not run up on me, not even as fans
    Niggas get fanned down on the Dan Ryan
    I'm flyin', I'm scary as hell, I need me a Xan, ah

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