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Proud Indie artist from Riviere-du-loup, Quebec, Canada.

The hole project began in december, 2019 and the first song: “I Feel So Strong”, written and composed by Andre Levasseur, was set to be released on June 1th, 2020 but after a few days online, it had to be removed. A new version of the song (remix) was done by Chris ‘Von Pimpenstein’ Carter at The Feisty Chicken, Silver Spring, MD). The song was released again on july 24th, 2020.

So “Heart Attack” became in a way, the first song truly available online. Believe it or not, “Heart Attack was composed in 1985 by André Levasseur but never came out. He actually found by accident, the old recording (demo) on an old cassette tape and immediately started to work on the song again. This gave birth to: “The Eighties Are Back” project. Which will be filled with new and unreleased songs. Genre: Electro Pop, Pop, Pop-Dance, Pop-Rock, 80’s style. With a 2020+ twist

“A Blast From The Past” is now available online! Ever got a personal message on a social network from someone you don’t know? Well think again! You might know her/him VERY WELL…

Upcoming releases (later this year)

– Try Again – Call my name and many more!

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