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Sixstrings is the project of Jose Salvador (Barcelona, 1988), whose first album ‘Cries of the Soul’ was released on January 14, 2019 with excellent reviews in Powerplay Magazine and Fireworks Rock&Metal Magazine UK, and various specialized media and online radios. This album was composed, recorded, produced and mixed by himself. Before the creation of this album, Jose had a huge amount of experience playing with some cover local bands on famous underground pubs on Barcelona area.
Playing several genres, the album is distinguished by hard rock tunes, with some songs closer to heavy metal and melodic rock ballads that combine with a couple of acoustic themes and a full instrumental song (with a recorded performance in YouTube)
In 2019 the band ‘Sixstrings’, formed by experienced musicians and led by Jose Salvador at vocals and guitar, started with some powerful live performances in Barcelona and seeks to establish itself as a reference in the genre of hard rock. In October 2020 the band recorded the new EP ‘A New Awakening’ available on all streaming platforms and direct download through Amazon.
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