From the Artist Kirtan Lounge Listen to this Fantastic Spotify Song Mystical Awakening

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Recording and production, harmonized Sanskrit chants, video production by Ananta Govinda
Additional Vocals: Sreevalsan J. Menon, Paulette Penzvalto and Gopi Kallayil

Additional Vocals: Sreevalsan J. Menon – delivering pristine quality South Indian style of classical Indian vocalization, Paulette Penzvalto invoking us on the journey by pronouncing prayers in Latin, which means “Do not fear”, translation of one of the Bhagavad Gita prayers.
Ethereal saxophone by Scott Page Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto),
Jared May (Tina Malia, Simrit) is really present and glues the track well together with the 5 string bass arrangements.
Ronnie Ray played the ambient guitars and the conch.
Mixing Ben Leinbach

Special Thanks to all the Artists:
Gopi Kallayil – vocals, tanpura;
Ananta Govinda das – vocals, harmonium, kartals, piano;
Scott Page – Saxophone,
Sreevalsan J. Menon, Paulette Penzvalto – additional vocals,
Alex Liapin – guitar;
Jared May- bass;
Ronnie Ray – percussions;
Mixed by Ben Leinbach

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