From Spotify Artist Izzi Jay Listen to the amazing song: WeWe (Remix)

Izzi Jay has been working on his craft since 2015. After mastering his sound, he started releasing songs in 2018 and took off with songs like “You Don’t Do Dem Tings”, “Gassed” and “Calm Down” which got a lot of positive response. His third official single “Not 4 Me” has now over 100K views on YouTube.

In January 2021, he released his first ever project “Million Dreamz” which consists of 7 tracks, where he takes his audience on a journey through his ups and downs chasing these dreams. Songs like Clout Chaserz, Flos$ing & Fire Fire were part of the most liked tracks on the EP.

He doesn’t just label himself as a rapper, he says he is a singer/rockstar/pop-star etc.. He got it all!
He can switch it from afro music, to dancehall, hip hop, trap, pop and many more.

Izzi Jay is versatile, lyrical and has a catchy flow to his music. He is here to show you a different sound that has never been heard before, he’s here to entertain you, and he is most importantly here to inspire you.

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