Freestyle: The Artwork of Rhyme

Over 15 years within the making, the world of improvisational rap, is explosively explored on this award wining and critically acclaimed genuine look into the life, music and historical past of 1990’s underground hip hop tradition!


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  1. The scene with Black Thought freestyling and the guy doing the graffiti art, is so hip-hop!!!!!

  2. Critical Thinker

    I πŸ’˜ Love this Documentary of Hip-hop Rap Freestyle Battle

    This was sooo very Amazing and Excitement..


  3. Garbage trash this shit gone have me wit a rash.

  4. Patrick Greenberg

    Supernatural kills it so hard

  5. Oh my God. ….Love this. Real Hip Hop. This bring back SO many memories. 90's were the real times of hip hop history.

  6. Collision da kid

    Why is this on age restriction? This can be something i can learn

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