Fats Joe Interviews Lil Wayne MUST SEE

Fats Joe Interviews Lil Wayne

Talks in regards to the age he bought on within the music business. (11 years previous Birdman put him on)
Talks about virtually dying after capturing himself as a child and being saved by an off obligation police officer. He talks about individuals vs the police debate. He talks about doing 2 years on Rikers Island. Discovering Drake and Nicki Minaj (Younger Cash) Money Cash Information Nipsey Hussle and Him and Lauren London Having A Baby Collectively. Ect

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  1. What the hell are you talkin about Lil Wayne you absolutely stand for nothing for black people. Go sit down somewhere at close your mouth, talking about its black people fault. you don't put no responsibility on the officer I'm not saying all officers are bad but you don't put no responsibility on them you are a clown. And I am very disappointed in you

  2. Truer interview…it's genuine.realer

  3. Is very hard to answer an educated question when you're uneducated to the facts the facts are that they are killing us there's no other way to look at it and not everything that's being shown is a lie you clearly see the video of the officer killing the the Brother In Cold Blood and you're saying that these things are lies I was a fan in the supporter of yours until I heard these words come out of your mouth

  4. I love this 💯

  5. Real talk woop woop BLOOD

  6. My man wayne thanked ig live hahaha he the goat

  7. Michael Did Something Similar With The Age Thing…

  8. I agree with Wayne how about making a change stop expecting change to come from people that have shown they don't care people are sick and tired but we need to more and find other ways to bring about life changes to make the furture for people to be better so thete will stop being black men like George and women being killed.real change will never be until young demand better treatment and better life for themself when the world they live in is different

  9. Wezzy tripping we aint just screaming we going to protest , We Marching , Not just sleeping we going to march , Were Not Just Not Doing Noting , We Had Enough , Enough Is enough , People Pray , I Pray , You Pray , That Gets Tireing So Then We March And Protest An Pray While Marching!!! We Gotta Go To Work , If We Don't Stand And Protest , Then You Must Be Missing The Point !!

  10. 100000 wizzy is real,
    Stop jumpin on wagon, knowin is different than thinking,
    If u take the time to educate urself, you would stop putting negative energy towards things that bring more negativity,
    Easy to feed a perception without having a solution to what u would liked changed,
    Change has to be within you first to reflect the changes you wanna see outside of u…

  11. Wayne where's the credit for Juvee

  12. Damn he kept it 1000% honest. He’s not dick riding any movement and this is why he catches so much heat. Props to you Wayne

  13. That’s why I lost respect for rappers 90% of them they’re fake like Lil Wayne scared of the upper man he’s not only in the hip-hop industry the whole entertainment

  14. I love how people think this man is dumb. This man is intellectual and is able to see a situation for what it is.

  15. Carter 666 u a shame stop sipping

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