Eminem Murdered Him In The First 30 Seconds! | KILLSHOT

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  1. Are you high ?

  2. Goof is Canadian slang for a pedophile / sex offender.

    Seeing how Michigan's right next to Canada it would make sense that he would know Canadian slang.

  3. U don't kill JOHN WICK'S Dog.. U know that TOO..do u MGK—->>>> GUDNYT

  4. Wow how u missing great bars

  5. People always pick out the Mumble rapper comment, but when you compare any lyricist to Eminem they are a mumble rapper. He has such perfect flow and annunciation that few can compare. Go listen to some of his fastest stuff, slow it way down, and it is amazing how well everything is pronounced.

  6. React Joemalia Juggalo

    m vs icp
    It’s not just cause I’m a fan of both of them if you look district to district they’re the only ones that been able to stay go toe to toe with them and not get destroyed
    Check out slim anus funny as hell or what M did to them on the up and smoked her with a blowup dolls that shit was hilarious

  7. I remember when this dropped, and I hadn't caught the track from MGK – so I didn't know about the "beef" being cooked. But even before I sat down and listened to Em's track, my logic mind was really puzzled, like " Okay so… You wanted to fire off against one of the top players, one of the Moguls – with a disstrack…… And the one you ended up deciding to go against, willingly… was Shady Em'?!" Like, have you done your research in this, MGK? You know about Em's past, right? What he used to do before he really hit it off? He aint just some ordinary wordsmith with simply good flow and punctuation, my man was renowned as a devastating freestyler, who'se headcount of verbal kills include bigger fish than you are… And you still tried to fire off his bow? There are easier things to do, Kelly, if you want peoples attention – like trying to eat cereal with a loaded shotgun without getting vented, I think that would rank higher on the "possible success" ratings than winning in a mouth off against Shady on any given day… Man, this showdown was over before Kelly even posted the video x,D

  8. There a video of other rappers and r&b artists talking about Eminem and 1 say you don't mis with em he crazy he will kill you lol

  9. Mgk got murdered simple as that

  10. Correct me if I am wrong but MGK got signed by bad boy right!? So his career got killed twice lol!
    Em played himself in 8 mile and MGK got a part playing the drummer from Montley Crew. He couldn’t even get a part as a rapper! Dude is so wack..a super hack!

  11. U CAN'T SEE ME 007

    teacher : You got 100 marks….
    me : 2:37
    teacher : in all the subjects combined
    me : 2:40

  12. Bro MGK is a mumble rapper

  13. MGK knew what was coming, he just wasnt prepared enough, even diddy got a dose of his own meds.

  14. Anyone else think Eminem would be fantastic at UNO for the amount of reverses he’s got?

  15. What people do when in lockdown, revisit old feuds that are already settled 🤷‍♂️

  16. { m———————————–is*

  17. Eminem doesn't win battles. He ends careers

  18. First reaction to Killshot that I've seen where someone did not lose their ever-loving mind at the part about 2Pac. We applaud your composure.

  19. He replied to every line on MGK's… that's how you do it. Old school for life.

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