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  1. everyone has been talking about the so called diss in Zeus, but the real diss is on Book of Rhymes, go check out the chorus on Snoops Ups and Downs then re-listen to Book of Rhymes, also could be a diss on Alfred's theme, toward the end of the track where he says "And y'all who claim to be dogs aren't
    No bite, like a tree, mostly just all bark"

  2. You should watch the Shade 45 interview I'd love to see your reaction.

  3. Snoop is a crackhead

  4. snoop wanna some intention and deserve no respect after that shit

  5. I feel that Zeus was not a diss but more of a notice. Just more of a “Ok, I see where we stand”. If EM really wanted to diss you know it would be dust & not just a drip. Just my opinion.

  6. The reality is Snoop want to make a shock moment because he is not relevant anymore in the hip hop gam but he is in another things translation: he is preparing for something in music so he needs attention or something else.. hup on the mic uncle Snoop let's see ..you are from the " 80" instead mention another 80s rapper i seawr he will eats him a life bitheway Nas my favorite but I am a fan of EM not a stan but we know EM on the mic 😉

  7. This girl just be sippin some ransoms shit but it makes a lot of sense 🤣

  8. How about more feral the earthworm PLEASE

  9. Happy new year RandR

  10. Happy new year R&R

  11. Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers always respects the culture, devotes his entire life to hip-hop music, pays homage to the OG's, honors black people in his career, discovered 50cent raw talent, then signed 50 and bring him to the world, shows love and appreciation to his mentor, Dr. Dre and his homie, Proof (RIP).

    So, has Snoop done all that throughout his entire career? And also, how many Snoop albums are sold worldwide? He's stupid, period. (here's a Maxi Pad).

  12. FYI
    SNOOP IS 49
    EM IS 48

  13. It's not mandatory for eminem to be top 5 or 10, he personally wouldn't rank anywhere near that for me. He isn't even the best word smith, there's many rappers who play with the pen that never get the credit even one modern rapper such as a Lupe who created "Mural" or "King Nas" etc etc and those are just a few he has albums full of them and i never seen eminem match songs like that. Even eminem 90's peer Nas doesn't get credit for making songs like "Rewind" or "I Gave you power" which inspired Me and My Girlfriend from a hip hop pioneer. At the end of the day it's all opinionated but eminem fans should be disqualified on alot of these subjects because they only listen to him and don't respect the culture thinking everyone else is below him that's not true. I hate the elitist mindset they have.

  14. I'm seeing a lot of Em D riders. For your info just cause somebody is better lyrically doesn't mean they'll win the Battle. Remember Cannibus and LL, LL destroyed him.

  15. Stress Free Paper Chase


  16. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S ✨🎆🎇🎉🥳👋

  17. Y’all should react on murda mook n his homies at the barbershop talking about em…

  18. Brian-G from Cali

    'm still puzzled by Snoop saying that when he in his camp. But then again it's always vlad or Charlamagne on the interviews to get clicks. But Dre brought Snoop out on Da Chronic did he forget that? He must have some envy hearing how much people mention Em in their top and not him maybe? You guys should check out the full interview on Shade 45. He talks about the whole B side album.

  19. yes and all eyez on wouldnt have been all eyez on me without dre and devante

    and if my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike

    too many if when talking about eminem while nobody cares when nas is dropping a 5 rating album

    snoop doesnt learn when eminem gets in a corner he is the best he can ever be

    i agree that eminem is not the best artist right now in terms of pure music but if he gets in a corner its the end for snoop we saw it on the ringer with kamikaze that track is a 10

  20. Snoop didn't say Em is not included in his top 10 favorite rappers, he didn't consider Em an top 10 of all time rapper all things considered. Already there he started talking out of his ass, I felt nothing he said was a respectable opinion. It was disrespectful from the get go. So I had issues with everything coming out of his mouth after bringing him up. Favorite list I have 0 problems with, but when talking all time it's all about the facts and nothing of preference, so you can't leave Em out of that. Same with MJ, Brady, Jordan, Tiger. They might not be a favorite, but for all time they check every criteria to belong on such list regardless of your opinion.

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