Eminem Discusses MTBMB B-Aspect Deluxe Version on Shade45

Eminem discusses his newest physique of labor, the B-Aspect Deluxe Version to Music To Be Murdered by reside on Shade45.



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  1. McClyde Clifton III

    Absolutely not true Em, I love your beats. Can tell every time you produce a track.

  2. Confirmed a Dre Album

  3. Thanks for uploading this, totally missed it.

  4. Marco Charette Official Music

    Em HelP mE

  5. タランティーノエディ

    Em is very self aware

  6. Snoop hasn't released a good song in 15 years so he needs to keep quiet, he's just another YouTuber/Instagrammer in the sea of irrelevant people. Em could do a disstrack just listing off all the cringey shit snoop doggs put his name on for money.

  7. You guys are insane, Snoop made gangster rap mainstream, (u guys probably to young) Which pave guys like em to be inspired, On subject i dislike Em so i'm biased, however snoop did hit lowblow cause he know ems, Em butthurt and i would to especially if my life being inspired by snoop. All snoop said was him not needing his music> preferences i guess?

  8. Who tf is Michelle tho

  9. I live in Haiti, I make a living out of teaching English. I just wanted to say that I still remember the first I listened to Stan, I knew little English then, I was like shit! That's dope! That's mind blowing, that's a masterpiece, but what the fuck is he talking about? I wanted to understand stan's lyrics and other raps he made, So I decided to learn more English. Then I discovered Tupac shakur and biggie small. In short, stan sparked that interest I have in English now, I owe part of my English to Eminem.

  10. eminem is the Goat. His lyrics even helped me expand my vocabulary

  11. Anyone knows what's the background music playing in the background?

  12. Eminem is easily a top 20 rapper of all time. Even tho his music isn't what it used to be, his legacy can't be f with.

  13. I can live without his music too, I wouldn't miss it. I wouldn't say "live without that shit" though.

  14. Good am…5:07 am.. Funny how you are so direct about talking about murder… And everyone… rappers, fans, critics is talking about you talking about murder… and they don't address their own thoughts about murder..where they go with it.. like you're hanging yourself out to dry..and everyone is skating free because of you..not sure if that's good or bad..but seems like people need to dig into their own psyche a little… Lots of love..would be real sweet for you to drop an album in February..talking about your heart and what's up.. cuz the beat of that heart..stronger than murder. Keep it real. ❤️

  15. Also new Marshall Vs old Marshall… A person has a thousand sides.. and you can be one thing.. talk to someone on the street.. and your life will be with them.. about them..then you open a bottle of oj while you're talking to that person… And shit changes right then and there..both you and the person being affected by the orange juice in your hand.. then you finish your bottle of orange juice.. shit changes again.. and the conversation goes on…miss you right now studio man

  16. Halo.. saying people keep jabbing me..and I don't know why.. it's almost as tho i got something I don't know about.. that people know that they like playing with.. that I'm real gunshy..real protective abt.cuz I don't know my own strengths.. really..all you.

  17. God I hope snoop disses Eminem. Then we can finally expose snoops basic bars

  18. Eminem is a legend he's the GOAT 🐐

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