“ Efficacitas ” by Azuria

In April 2021, two musicians (Guillaume Lagrange and Jorick Guasch) formed the band AZURIA. The band had a clear and ambitious vocation: to combine pop, progressive metal and electronic music. So the formation offers a variety of musical compositions designed with this in mind.

As soon as the band was formed, ideas and musical proposals came thick and fast. We composed our first demos, which were joyful, mysterious, chaotic and even melancholy, and then realized that we needed to fully express our creativity with various singles releases.

The idea of this whole musical project is to make Pop/Progressive Metal accessible to a wide audience, while remaining local (France). We therefore chose to write the lyrics in French, in order to come up with an original proposal. The best way to describe the musical style of “Proof of Concept” is as follows: it’s a blend of progressive rock/metal and “French variété”, with a certain artistic freedom. As the theme of many of our fistst songs is the Research and Development (R&D), it seemed logical to us to carry out our own R&D in the creation of our music, as well as in the realization of our stage set-up…

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