Dreaming of You Tonight ~ Lofi Hip Hop Combine

→ Dreaming of You Tonight ~ Lofi Hip Hop Combine
→ feardog’s lofi hip hop combine to review, sleep or chill out to
→ lofi hip hop combine – beats to chill out/research/sleep to

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🎵 Tracklist

[00:00] lilac — winter with you

[02:11] ohsin — protected area

[04:52] aekasora — solitude

[06:53] Lilac – Florist *ChilledCow

[17:07] ais.hill — innocence

[19:06] Nohone — Quiet Saturday Evening

[21:19] BVG – Blue lagoon

[24:42] spencer hunt — melatonin w/ musiciansplace

[27:39] lilac — Aiwolv // Ishioe

[31:12] drained — Evening Out

[33:38] satin. — kaleido

[35:42] J E N — divine

[38:02] piji.san — quarantine&chill

[40:23] Hevi — stray lights | full ep

[46:30] DrDuch — Fourty 9 Yards

[49:43] SpoonBeats — Getting Darkish ft Loafy Constructing

[51:56] chilly glow — galaxy glasses

[54:10] towser — secret backyard

[57:04] kioku x illuwn – distant

[059:18] vacant room — Pauses

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  1. Best lofi I have heard in a while

  2. Your Lofi Love Helped Save my Life!!! I love you!!🎶💖…and Thank you lovies, you're a Blessing 😇

  3. Ahora a dormir 👌😴

  4. Masterpiece i really like this, send me some samples if you can

  5. Precious uwu

  6. I use your music often and especially when I teach yoga. My clients love it. Thank you!!

  7. Why am i exist on this world just to suffer, why everyone came in my life and then left me alone, idk why, 2020 must be one of the worst year of my life, its 4AM already and everytime i close my eyes, all of my memories come back fo haunt me again, but then i found music, some how it cured my sleeplessness, i apreciated alot, even rolling down this comment section gave me warm, i feel kindness n all of my sorrow just gone, thanks alot

  8. Whoever reads this comment and listens to this mix because you are going through hard times, I promise you it’ll always get better… the Lo-Fi community will remain strong even if it’s members are broken…
    that’s the great thing about us…. we as strangers to each-other know we are all suffering and will listen to each-others problems and won’t judge

    Also if you’re here to study, I hope you pass what you’re studying for x

    If you made it this far here’s a heart ❤️

  9. ꕥ reindeerie playz ꕥ

    At this rate… Why is there even a dislike button??

  10. Love your work! Keep doing what your doing! That also goes to whoever is reading this

  11. I am one day late and I will probably never early 🙁
    But if u do find this which u probably won’t, have a good day and vibe with the lofi community

  12. 💮Warrior Kittens💮

    Me looking at the 8 dislikes: INHALING whAt Is ThE PoInT oN DiSlIkInG If NoBoDy CaReS-

  13. Quick questions are there any copyrighted songs here?

  14. I need a friend..

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