Disrespectful Battle Rapper Trashes Darkish Pores and skin Ladies &

My response to a disrespectful battle rapper that insults his opponent’s 6-year-old daughter and degrades darkish pores and skin black girls.

.: NnennaB instagram.com/nnennab/


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  1. Damn your Beautiful.

  2. what's his @

  3. ik he didnt sit down after that 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  4. L van der westhuizen

    You go girl preach!!!

  5. That’s actually sick his flex is his daughter light skin and he has dark skin himself

  6. Evan Mia Anderson

    Maybe most cultures want to be closer to white because it’s the whole preservation of species thing? Since Europeans have always been the colonizer and the oppressors maybe other cultures caught on to that and want to blend in. Like black people didn’t like black people that where loud and couldn’t hide their lake of education, and communication skills because that distanced us away from white people (we thought) and reminded white people who we where.and made them think we couldn’t adopt there way of living. I forgot what movie showed this but there was a group of black men in wwi that portraits this really well because one guy is a love able character but he uses a lot of Ebonics and isn’t that smart so the other characters so something and blame it on him and (even though he was well liked by the white ppl because he was entertaining) they lock him in this room for a while and the guy ends up dead because the white military officers are torturing him so bad, one day he just kills himself. Anyway off topic but not really because that’s what a lot of cultures do. They put there best forward. Like you would fruit. Like “look no need to dominate us we are strong and powerful like you, look at our best, very beautifully light smart and strong. Just don’t look over there where our dark ppl are. Oof I’m ranting, I just hate colorist because as much as it’s talked about, we still have black representation with light skinned or mixed ppl like we should all be greatful that someone we can call black is on the screen!

  7. Didnt that fool get accused by his childs mother of molesting his daughter

  8. Honestly, I'm confused. This ain't even the most disrespectful shit I heard. Pretty tame to be honest. I understand battle rap got boundaries and I mean no disrespect to you but you gotta expand your horizons if you think this the most disrespectful.

    Edit: So after watching your video I'll say this. Again, battle rap is not what you believe but what gone get the reaction. Battle rap is the one place people go to hear two people break down their opponents and spit bars.

    I don't think he's a colorist, just like how I dont think he's murderer or has a gun or is in a gang. Colorism is an issue yes but again homie juat did it for a reaction. He wants you to be flabbergasted and hurt because again thats what its about. I'd honestly not reccomend falling into battle rap if you hate colorism and talks about screwing daughters because thats the least of your worries.

    Not hating! Just an observation. Stumbled upon your channel and you look cool! Here's a sub

  9. The main problem is that he spoke about a child. He claimed that the other guy didn't even have a child so it was like why even make an ENTIRE rap about raping, molesting, and abusing a child. Like that's what you thought of when you were knew you were going to battle rap someone? You sat there, thought and wrote about how you were going to pimp out an imaginary 6 year old girl so you can win some chump change?! I hope the mother of his children went far away because that's a telling sign to who he really is.

  10. Hold up dude with the dreads just got lock up last year for sexual assault on his own daughter and the baby mother called the cops, facts

  11. how immature children should be left out of these things.

  12. the poor dad you could see the pain in his face

  13. It’s battle rap… what do you expect

  14. Could have just not watched it, just a thought… People are way too sensitive for their own good.

  15. Fabienne Beauzil

    Black life matter 🤮🤮

  16. Why didn't the men n the crowd beat his ass????? I rest my case!

  17. Miss……..I'm checking for you.

  18. Qwan'Darius Richardson

    G.cass thats my dawg yes it was very disrespectful but it's for entertainment a battle rap some may say you supposed to get under your opponent skin the industry calls it a diss rap and start beef behind it.

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