CS Mutahi Kagwe's Rapper Son Kahu$h On His Music, Life



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  1. Kingbee ako fine congratulations bro

  2. I think the interviewer is trying.I don't see anything wrong with him. Before you criticize someone, ask yourself if you can do better and if you are the best. He is a young man and has many things to learn in his career.Stop scoring him abnormally

  3. This interviewer anaskia uchungu, buthole😂😂, maajabu.

  4. Mchafuzi wa Mapozi

    Mtoto ya waziri

  5. Mchafuzi wa Mapozi

    He's so humble huwezi jua ni mtoi wa cs

  6. ya yah yaah yaaaahhh

  7. Model Hilda Akumu

    Kahush😍😍 but the interviewer, skills not good…

  8. Interviewer lamba lolo

  9. I only clicked on the video to confirm the relationship

  10. Stay hydrated, take a sip of water every time the interviewr says 'yeah'

  11. Thie úkamíe

  12. he is humble…go go go

  13. Huyu host kwani anamezea kahush ….. He acting loco

  14. This interview guy is gay

  15. Izo ma "yeah" za uyo interviewer zna booh mbayar!!

  16. Kahush is very smart and gifted, he is also very humble. Guy went to 'group of schools' then university in UK and doesn't scare us with the accent meanwhile vinyangarika wa Kinyeki-ini secondary school STILL LIVING in Kenya torture us with twengs and wengs like crazy.. love you Kahush, keep up. Your music is international.

    Is the interviewer fruity?

  17. Sijawai skia" yeah" ikiwa misused design hii 😂😂where are the meme lords? 😂

  18. Homie humble asf💯🙌

  19. Son of Mr shugwa w@!!

  20. It is awesome when your son calls you my guy..you’ve done well as a father

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