CRYPT REACTS to Quadeca . Rapper Tier Listing (KSI,


How are you guys feeling about Quadeca’s tier checklist? What could be your checklist? Remark down under.

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I am a fats, white . rapper and rattling happy with it. Welcome to the Crypt present.

CRYPT REACTS to Quadeca . Rapper Tier Listing (KSI, FlightReacts, Ricegum, Dax)

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  1. but… wheres Moxas? 😢

  2. Crypt im a ksi fan and tbh i do agree with u putting KSI on the A tier cuz ksi has improved alot through out the years his lyrical ability has improved alot and even you agree with it and i do agree that there needs to be improvement in his lyrics.

  3. bro no hate but you look like that snapchat filter that gives the big shiney eyes

  4. are you and scru still boys

  5. Quedeca shit asf anyway lol

  6. This video has 14k likes because crypt dosen’t like Logan paul

  7. lol is it humbleness or cockiness

  8. Everyone: oh wow crypt very good video
    Me: skipping to when he plays the actual video then realising-

  9. KSI is the best youtube rapper stop dissing like hollyyyyy

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