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Verse 1:
I am on the level the place I am bored with giving probabilities,
individuals reap the benefits of me then they up and vanish,
I’ma paint this good image so as to see I am broken
however similar to it is title was Nate it will prolly keep on the canvas,
see this ability that I’ve brandished?
It is neglected like a canyon,
it makes me made sufficient to savage up
and cargo up cannon,
and blow it on the planet,
for ignoring this gold of their hand,
it is so misunderstanding
what you are searching for
I’ve proven you Atlantis
As soon as upon a time,
there was just a little child,
his title was “Me”,
dreamt of ripping tracks aside
like a barber that may hardly see,
he grew as much as be massive and powerful,
pissing the trade off,
wishing they pay attention
trigger they lacking
what units Crypt’s shit aside
however I’ve carried out made it,
and not using a label,
and not using a deal,
it is not a fable
simply copped a crib on high of a hill,
so I can watch you as you proceed the hate you say ,
however yell it loud trigger I’ma yell this again at your face

You will not ever be within the zone like me
Nobody will blow up your telephone like me
Will not ever go on the throne like me
Sizzling rattling, I am the person, and also you wanna be similar to me
You will not ever be within the zone like me
Nobody will blow up your telephone like me
Will not ever go on the throne like me
Sizzling rattling, I am the person, and you may by no means be similar to me

Verse 2:
So now it is time to flex
go residence with that disrespect
I have been complimented by legends,
even acquired a track with “shhh”
so once you speak that mess
it goes in a single ear out the subsequent,
and travels down my facet and intertwines inside my pen
I ain’t acquired room inside my head
for these dudes that sounding upset
at my clout and success
I am sure to be topped round as one of the best
when you simply pout that you simply’re not subsequent up,
boy simply get your checks up,
I do that shit for actual however you simply out right here taking part in gown up,
I’ll mess up any motherfucker that comes my means
I am a step up from the opposite duds that declare they spray
Trigger I’ma do what I say I’ma do and that is on Bible,
that is remaining, I am primal, there’s solely a lot I can take
I am in Beast Mode
and I am operating like I acquired a cheat code
and this shit is straightforward like a free throw
put him in my place and he froze,
he is finito,
Why would you say
that I am gentle with the flames?
preserve lyig that means and you may lie in a grave,


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  1. Christian Phipps says:

    This is amazing you probably get that a lot and I want to see you in person so if it’s ok we can right a song or to because I’m trying to be a rapper but I’m broke and don’t have the skills to write a song or be able to rhyme. Btw I’m not like other people I have always wanted to hang with my favorite rappers and your on the top of that list and also I would understand if you won’t do it if I don’t have money rappers don’t just know I will watch your videos and listen to you music no matter what you are doing amazing work and your very talented just keep up the good work homie thank you for the amazing content

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