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  1. Constantin Razva Oltean

    Let's be honest hip hop is international , I don't think people in the us understand how much eminem has boosted the hip hop game in europe

  2. when you listen to Eminem i mean like really, really listen. other rappers will sound dumb since you dont really need hiphop head like stevie to break it down for you. nothing wrong with that, i still like listening to those kind of rappers but their words doesnt give the same impact as eminem did for me. and yes, Eminem open the door for me to rap music and also yes, english is not my 1st language.

  3. Man that's a truth.I never listen to hip hop seriosly before Em.First time i listen to him was in high school,before that i listen only heavy metal and rock.Since then my perspective for rap and hip hop as a music genre had changed.Now i like to listen rap songs.And past six months i learning about rap game and its revelation to if i didn't spell some words well,that's because my English is not so good.

  4. Yo man with a little bit of a delay, im guessing because i live in Bulgaria. I am a STAN all my life, like since i know my self i have been listening to Eminem. Even when reading the lyrics i wasn't able to catch the meanings of songs that you reacted to and actually it made a lot of sense to me when i was watching your reaction to those songs. Respect My man!

    P.S. Not sure if you would do it, but i would love a reaction on Music Box 😉 Keep up the good videos man !

  5. Em done more for rap then anyone …rap would not be commercial race,s wouldn't be as close an that's a fact is would it is

  6. Facts Steve knight facts

  7. If Em wasn't famous, and someone found his book of rhymes somewhere in public, they'd put him in an insane asylum. Good thing he blew up before that happened.

  8. See there s 50, dumb ppl hit the dislike button

  9. Royce Da 5'9" and Snoop and charlamagne I hope you are ready for your diss track. It's going to be brutal. I hope Eminem gets a bunch of people on there too. Like D12, 50 cent, yellowwolf, g unit etc.

    This makes the second time him and Royce have been at odds. They are suppose to have each others back because their in a group together. I hope he never gets back together with Royce. I'm sick of his bs. Being a back stabber. Not showing any respect. Just let Royce go Em for good.

  10. If you would erase Eminem from Hip Hop, you would erase like 75% of the people who buy Hip Hop music. That means that all the Culture would lose 75% of the money. Tell that to Snoop and all the haters! They should eat 75% less if they want that. Not even mentioning 90% pure talent and inspiration! 😅

  11. At the time around 2000 i was mostly into metal music. After a few songs from Eminem I got into Hip Hop bigtime. Started doing graffiti and all the good stuff. It introduced me to d12, dr. dre, 2Pac, Biggy and some more. After that I started looking up even more i never heard of. By the way internet was not a big thing back then. I learnt it all from the music and from friends and eventually the whole scene I ended up rolling with. Now that I'm older i don't listen to it everyday like i used to but I will enjoy a good Hip Hop or rap piece when i hear it. (not native English speaker so I had to learn to listen to it). I will go as far as to say that it helped me understanding English even better than I did. So for me, Eminem literaly changed my world back then, no matter what other people say! But even without my story, the guy is a wizard with words.

  12. I also forgot to say f*** color I don't see it talent is what matters

  13. First of all, why cant I find this tweet about Eminem having no impact in hip hop, it's like its been wiped from existence, Google results turn up nothing.

    Second, people (like Snoop) say that Dre made Eminem, while that may be true, Eminem SAVED Dre. Dre himself admits that. If Eminem didn't work out as well as he did, Dre would have faded from the spotlight real fast.

    Third, so who thinks this may have been started by someone with a grudge, oh I don't know maybe someone who Eminem called out in Killshot, someone who is suspected to have put the hit out of Pac.

  14. Eminem is a rapper's rapper.

  15. Imagine what Eminem goes through on a daily basis if content creators get hate just for speaking about him…

  16. Eminem expanded Rap music, and brought rap to be more mainstream. Em wasnt the first global artist to penetrate other countries, however no other artist even comes close to the international success that eminem has. Also as the video states, there would be a big question mark for 50 cent as well as doctor dre's careers. Dre's career was in a sort of turmiol, some would even say dre's career was fizzling out. Not to mention the artists that he heavily heavily influenced like, hopsin, kendrick, big sean the list goes on and on. What it is is pretty much racism.

  17. STEVIE!!! thank you for all you do. For what it is worth, you are the best reaction channel. You are the only channel that actually listens to the song all the way through and never miss a word of a song. That is real. I appreciate it.

  18. Em has impacted rappers from the 00's, 10's and even current rappers, Juice Wrld credited Em as one of his favorites, He's done so much for the culture, he's inspired 50, Royce, Kendrick, Cole, Hopsin, Logic, and so many more. Even if u don't like his current music his first couple albums are undeniable, he's brought us 50 and D12 and bridged the gap for hip hop and he's done nothing but pay homage cuz he loves the culture. This recent wave of hate is just the new “Fuck j cole"shit what was going on a few years ago, he doesn't deserve the hate he gets. I'm by no means even close to a Stan of his, but he is a legend point blank period

  19. It is not about lyrics anymore!
    Its about a hot beat, and a catchy hook!
    Please do Syllables-Eminem

  20. Stevie I am a fan of EM and also your channel, I subscribe and will keep up with the content you post brother.

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