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  1. Yo Eminem here in the Samoa it a God of rap.. lot of us never like rap or hit pop, than wan EM came ,fuck he just open up and lot of Samoan people start to ,not like but love rap or hit pop , even myself, the olny hit pop artist samoan people here about it 2pac ,nwa. now thanks to EM we know others artist new and the old schools , if EM gets cut out , the rap game the hitpop ,it will be fucked , and so with the people who cut him out . see the true is i dont even like EM but the respect i have of wthat he do , fuck it all there . but here what i think it need to be done ,,, cut all the ones that wants to cut out EM.

  2. there is always gate keeping always has been . i am white i love some run dmc and i love some kurtis blow ext… . there is a whole generation eminem included . it seems we are forgotten about , yes it was seen as a fad i guess but these artists where popular and we liked them . we all know these songs all i have to say is – who's house ? and everyone should know the response. if you do not shut up .
    but on to the topic , it is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard . even artists i do not personally like at all or a one hit wonder i would never do that too. if you take away em all you have left for detroit is kid rock … nothing against him but …. detroit has a influence on hip hop em was a huge part of that . (yes there is the whole where does that lead 50 cent and there friendship) d 12 and there friendships and the funny songs they made together and lots of other detroit artists — gone —

  3. What about George Smith you was the first poet you wrote Gilgamesh, and dr. Seuss we grew up on.

  4. Could you imagine every artist, in the music industry, standing up against Racism. It speaks volumes when your Idol speaks out

  5. DJ Kool herc is the guardian of rap music he's better than Snoop Dogg

  6. It's about speaking the truth and respect

  7. Deep respect to both of you gentlemen for speaking these hard truths. I am a rarity being an older white woman who did listen to all music including very early hip hop and rap because in the 60s, 70s, and 80s people didn’t restrict themselves to one genre of music. I have a cat named Grandmaster Flash who along with Kurtis Blow were the first hip hop artists I heard BECAUSE hip hop was accepted in the disco world. Those guys WERE popular in white culture because of the dance aspect of hip hop. Then rap battling became more well known and of course the white world didn’t understand that…even those of us who were dirt poor. Cypress Hill was about the only group that became popular with some white people until Run DMC and LL Cool J who were popular with a lot of whites. Honestly, in the world I lived in we didn’t feel a connection to the gang rap battle aspect of hip hop/rap until N.W.A. blew it all up with Straight Outta Compton. BTW? Beastie Boys did help white rap fans keep the racist idiotic haters away when we were drooling over NWA. lol And even though the music industry tried very hard to squash hip hop and rap? There was no going back after Beastie Boys and NWA. You think I don’t snicker at the delicious irony when I watch Ice-T Mister “Cop Killer” play Det. Tutuola on Law & Order Special Victims? We had Vanilla Ice and honestly I thought he was ok, but it was like he did a pop/rap fusion that was like the bubblegum music I listened to when I was a young girl. Just music to dance to with some very catchy phrases, but it wasn’t substance. Then rap rolled mainstream. Like for real people were buying it even though the music industry snubbed it. Kid Rock was more popular than Em for awhile which is the biggest joke when I think about how that shit has gone down over the years. But Em came out dirt poor, self-deprecating, unsure, but talented beyond measure. For years I tried not to think of him as the greatest I had ever heard because I admit it felt wrong saying that about a scrawny white kid when I knew that rap was Black and how very important that was to Black culture and music created by Black musicians and entertainers. But Em always seemed so reverent with every delivery. And who am I to deny Em if Dr. Dre says it’s cool? Lyrically? I just don’t see many past or present who have dropped many bars that can compare with the overwhelming list of Eminem lines that are literally part of our language. Sorry for this tl;dr post, but I can’t sleep because of this division. I LOVE Snoop! From Gin & Juice to watching him cook & cuddle with Martha Stewart—-Snoop does remember that young Black teenagers might be looking to Em for lyrical inspiration, but old, bitchy white ladies like me wanna see him in pajamas cooking breakfast with Martha so it all evens out….right? This whole thing hurts. How do we stop the “cancellation” of Eminem without damaging our love for Snoop? We have enough REAL hatred and division without creating division and hate where it doesn’t really exist. In the one million years (lol—-it’s late and I exaggerate, but I’m bitchy and tired) I have been a fan of hip hop and rap I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say they loved Snoop, but hated Em or vice versatility. These are two of the more “acceptable” rappers on the planet. They are both legendary and I want to know if anyone has any ideas on how we can de-escalate this? It hurts. It feels wrong.

  8. Bob Saget's Ball Sack

    Not having Eminem's back is career suicide

  9. I can't even wrap my head around the question. Eminem is The MOST FAMOUS rapper of all time and the biggest selling rap artist of all Time, regardless of whether you like him or not those fact alone mean he has had a bigger impact on the Game than anybody else. I can't tell you how many people I know that listen to Eminem that don't listen to ANY black rappers – not because they are racist but because they use the N word A LOT so they can't relate to it and in many cases just simply don't understand what they are saying, not necessarily the message either sometime even the words themselves. White people in their 60s who've never even seen a black person in life can understand the words Eminem says – it's clear and well pronounced. I think alot of inner city guys don't realise just how many record sales come out of white America and the heartlands where Eminem is the ONLY rapper they listen to. Not just America either EU as well. Records sells decides what direction the Industry goes and Eminem sold twice as much as anyone else. Delete Eminem and Hip Hop is half as big as it is today and probably not even mainstream at all.

  10. 21:40 I'm from Jordan but my English is technically better than my Arabic. Lol

  11. You are so right. Not my favorite either, but I acknowledge that he is a great lyricist and had (and has) an impact on hip hop that cannot be denied.

  12. George Geldiashvili

    I agree, i'm from Republic of Georgia, if this channel existed in early 2000s I would not loose like 15 years to understand hip hop, when eminem came on the scene it changed us too, like oh so it's not black society only thing…. my first song was hit 'em up…. and I didn't dare write a bar until I heard eminem…

  13. I'm from india and almost all hip hop artist here are inspired my M&M

  14. Some of what Em has done for Hip Hop:
    1. New fan bases (in the millions)
    2. Icon for artist work ethic
    A. constantly improving himself
    B. Has set the bar of what it
    means to be a top tier MC.
    multiple times for 20+ years!
    Say it again 20+ yrs! There is no
    Other rapper that has lasted as
    Long with soo much
    improvement and success. Period.
    3. Syllable rhyming soo complex he makes songs where there literally isnt one syllable in the entire song that doesnt rhyme. Rakim is credited for starting double rhymes. Em took that idea and multiplied it and flipped it on its head. Hows that not important?
    4. Perfected the double, triple, quad,
    entendre. Uses them to no end.
    5. Influenced the very seldomly argued best rappers in the game right now (Kendrick, Cole, Joyner, Logic, Crooked,……. Matter fact. Its a shorter list to name someone he hasnt inspired but we dont know their names cuz they wouldnt hit the lowest skill level if an MC lol)

  15. Улугбек Нуров

    Like for this one

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