Nation Music Singer Dropped From ‘Saturday Night time Reside’

Nation music singer Morgan Wallen has been dropped by “Saturday Night time Reside” as this week’s musical visitor after movies surfaced of him partying with out sporting a masks, Wallen revealed Thursday in an . video filmed from his New York Metropolis lodge room. The 27-year-old apologized, saying he has “some rising as much as do.” Wallen was filmed consuming in a crowded bar and kissing a number of ladies final week. The movies had been posted on TikTok.


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  1. SNL isn’t what it used to be

  2. I don't know who this hillbilly is. SLN should be dropping just about everyone if mask wearing is the bar to meet. Clearly abusing your daughter is acceptable. Just ask Alec Baldwin.

  3. I love his music but this is a disappointment.come on morgan wallen😔

  4. I dont get it,
    how is he suppose to drink and kiss girls at an open bar with a mask on and if he was to take them home who's to say he would wear a condom…..he could spread more then covid
    This will just make people hate mask even more. ….

    His drinking and kissing why does he need a mask for that….
    I saw people eating not wearing a mask and got congratulated for it
    when 2 people asked them to put on A MASK
    and it started a fight ……

    He shouldn't be punished
    To the point he can't provide for his family

    THEY SHOULD get closed down for not enforcing their customers to put on a mask.

  5. You cant fix stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This mam need some more whiskey glass

  7. Definitely not the brightest bulb in the pack. Sad career move.

  8. Kissing strangers while he’s kissing other women! Have some dignity GIRLS!

  9. Nooneknowsthe Nameless

    Hmmm. It is a 99.7% recovery rate

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