Oh snap, what cleaning soap opera have we bought into, is it doable I’ve a stan?



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Fed Up – Bazanji (Lyrics) | English Rap Track

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  1. Well evolve all u can do is report what you’ve been told or what you have seen so I wouldn’t worry about brotha, just keep doing what you do and keep updates on this whole big shyt storm ! It’s a shame what their doing and how their going about it and it looks like straight up hating dude . I mean How envious and jealous can ppl be of one man ! He has earned his respect in the hip hop culture and has done a great deal to expand it , they just mad cause they can’t reach that level and the only thing they can do is bring race into it when that should be the last thing to happen ! But great videos brotha, keep on keeping on !! 💯

  2. EM should drop a record on the 2oth.

  3. Jan 20, a new old white guy will change everything

  4. Well these racists will be known as Eminem haters rather than as an artist known for thier music. Nobody really knows who outsides is. They not relevant today. So, wt they do, attack who is most relevant.. wow, great culture.

  5. I guess the outsidaz about to get B-Sided on Ems next album! 😆

  6. There's not a single rapper alive or dead who could end Ems career. Of course there would be some candidates who might beat him, but none of them could do it witch such a big advance that it would harm Em in any way

  7. I feel like Eminem is planning on retiring anyway. Look at side B. Listen to the lyrics and some of the titles .. "I'm leaving heaven" , "emptying my book of rhymes, get them ALL OF MY PAD EVERY THOUGHT THAT I HAVE" that's just a few there are many songs and titles that lead is to believe he is setting up to retire soon. If not this album… Soon!

  8. Who the f is Outsidaz? Who the f cares. They're wack!

  9. you mispelled eminem in the title dude

  10. Em is my favorite rapper but only the Illuminati can cancel Em.

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