Blakkamoore feat. Snoop Dogg – Get Down Tonight (Olo

👉 Blakkamoore – New album “Upward Spiral Deluxe” – November 13rd, 2020.

Remix by Olo

Get Down Tonight Blakkamoore feat. Snoop Dogg
(W. Henry, C. Broadus, A. Bain)
Produced by Moon Bain & Jahdan Blakkamoore (Paperstars)
Drums, programing, synths: Andrew Moon Bain
Bass programing, synths: Jahdan Blakkamoore
Dwell Strings organized by Robbie Crowell
Blended by Ginarro Schianno . Dungeon Studios, FL

Director : CERËGA (
Manufacturing supervisor : Bilel Allem
Artwork route : CERËGA / Léa Margerie / Nihat Hassan / Vincent Verniers / Victor Delorme
Animation / Format : CERËGA / Maxime Saillard / Léa-Marie Lemaire / Marine Doucet / Vincent Verniers / Yann Hedan / Corentin Bescond / Adrien Gaudin
Publish Manufacturing : Léa Margerie / Nihat Hassan / CERËGA
Background colorist : Nihat / Hassan / Alice Piro / Vivienne Chim / Adrien Gaudin / Francesca Sudano / Victor Lhuillier / Victor Delorme / Théo Sigot / Virgile Chéraud / Yann Hedan
Background Designers : Simon Chassanne / Gabriella Coumau / Virgile Chéraud / Yann Hedan / Corentin Bescond / Nihat Hassan

Edit Remix : Maxwell Productions (

“Get Down Tonight” sees BLAKKAMOORE and long-time songwriting and manufacturing accomplice Andrew “Moon” Bain (collectively referred to as Paperstars) reconnect with Snoop. The duo have been among the many most important writers and producers on Snoop’s Grammy-nominated 2013 reggae album, Reincarnated.
The animated video, by French illustrator CERËGA ( stars Snoop and Blakkamoore as aliens who come to earth to “infect” individuals with good vibes, then fly again to house after internet hosting a killer occasion inside a dormant volcano.
Of working with Snoop as soon as extra, BLAKKAMOORE says:
“It was an superior expertise. Think about being within the studio with a legend humble sufficient to provide you inventive management, gifted sufficient to perform no matter we got down to create and excessive
sufficient to maintain issues lit the entire time.”

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  1. Sympa le clip

  2. Tsvetomira Maksimova

    Very, very nice. 💃🎧

  3. Réel Vibration Studio

    C'est énorme ça ! J'ai toute de suite accroché, très gros son et bon clip!!💪👍
    Je vous invite par ailleurs à venir découvrir mes prods et ma nouvelle chanson: 🙏

  4. somehow Snoop seems a bit extraneous here…good track tho

  5. Pouah ! Le son est fat !

    Et puis franchement un titre .ft snoop dog estampillé Baco, pardon mais putain ça en jette !

  6. I love that song omg i swearrr that's so cool bro

  7. It’s the type of song i love discover randomly

  8. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Perfect song 👌

  10. Mathieu Ferroni 13

    Marseille 💙🤍

  11. Amazing music vid. Can someone please tell me who the jamaican rapper is??

  12. Nice👌👌👌
    First remix i love it in my life ❤❤

  13. Mais ça tue !! 🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶bravo

  14. Better than the original !! Bad !!

  15. J'aime cool mais si il y a plus de bass se serais mieux

  16. Bumboclit dat mad! But my new riddims are even madder ;). Check 'em out!

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