Black Cop

It is not straightforward being a black cop. For one officer already struggling between responsibility and ethical obligation, issues take a drastic flip when he’s profiled by his colleagues off-duty, pushing him over the sting. Armed with the facility of his badge, an antagonizing radio present for firm, and a few good quaint rage, the stage is ready for a whirlwind day full of vendetta and simply desserts, as Black Cop targets the neighborhood he is sworn to guard.


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  1. WoW! Tyler Perry Jordan Peele have a run for your money. Whoever made this, hats off.

  2. AnarkeeSoundVibes

    This movie has been in my timeline for months. I finally decided to watch it today, and I was thoroughly impressed by how great this movie is. I didn't think it would be this good. Very reflective and eye opening.

  3. This is a stupid ass movie

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