Large Financial institution DTE of Large Info podcast disses Gucci Mane latest


gucci mane

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  1. Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC

    internet shorty huh

  2. Each sweater that coogi makes is a one of a kind anyways,this nigga lying..and coogi damn sure didn’t custom make shit!!the bigger the size the more it cost for the sweater..facts

  3. Didn’t he die in that lambo in superfly

  4. That future hitting fasho🔥

  5. Wat song is dat he playing

  6. Big facts dummy do go to jail…

  7. All the shit we got going on and this….this is what this black man talking about. Against other men that look like him. True internet gangsta!!!!!

  8. Tgg D Dawg )check him out On YouTube

  9. I heard yo big bank gone you can’t show me shit

  10. BIG BANK THE TRUTH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. Future song long as shit!

  12. Like Willie D say he would rather be hated for what he is! Then loved for what he's not. Willie D is one of the realest ever in the rap game. Willie D know how to use them hands facts!!

  13. Bank aint playin wit deez niggaz 💰

  14. Fam just said sum real shit

  15. 😐😢😭

  16. The hate iz real but the love iz fake 😭😭😭

  17. Salute bigBank Rn$.💰🌟💰

  18. Check my page out 💯

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