Hey guys whats up. Sorry I am late once more. Let’s be trustworthy, although, when you do not count on lateness from me by now, that is on you.
The Greatest Hit Songs of 2020, take pleasure in

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31 thoughts on “Greatest Hit Songs of 2020

  1. Pooky1991 says:

    I feel like Monster is the best thing Eminem has done in a long time. I honestly didn't like rap god at all. Besides the fast rap part of that song, nothing about it really stuck with me. Also hated that beat. Monster on the other hand slaps and the speed progression is way more impressive than Rap God. The word play is great, too. Juice World's chorus sticks in your head as well and puts it all together nicely.

  2. Robert says:

    OMG I tell you the way I screamed when you said Dua Lipa topped this list😭 and my favorite song of the three too. Didn't think it was possible to stop Don't Start Now, but here we are😁. I know I'm later than usual, but if you're still checking the comment section, just curious if you still plan to do the winter ranking?

  3. Rikkilover17 says:

    Hot take: I cant listen to Doja cat anymore after the whole chatroom debacle ON TOP OF working with Lukas. Shes one of those artist where its like "its a shame your not a good person in real life because your music is so good"

  4. isabela paiva says:

    i just wanted to remind that banks DID NOT killed her cat. her cat died and she buried him, and when she had to bring the pet's bones with her when she decided to move (religious stuff). so she boiled it. he was already dead.

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