Be Free

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Be Free · J. Cole

Be Free

℗ 2020 Dreamville, Inc., Underneath unique license to Roc Nation Data

Launched on: 2014-08-14

Producer: J. Cole
Producer: Ron Gilmore
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Juro “Mez” Davis
Composer Lyricist: J. Cole

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  1. Anyone know who’s on the cover?

  2. Medicine Hat Official

    J. Cole > Errbody.

  3. I think its time to start returning the favor to these dirty pigs

  4. Is this gwens theme from dark souls 1??? The track sounds so similar

  5. lol showing the picture of a violent criminal.

  6. Hadda cleanse myself after listening to ddg and blueface

  7. I rapped on this same beat, Shout out Cole. A true legend.. check out my version of it below

  8. Michael Hilliard

    To the 331 dislikes…..are y'all Trump supporters?? Just asking for the GOAT

  9. finally released🙇🏾‍♂️

  10. I’ve been waiting for him to drop this

  11. Be free whats that mean when you always hitting medians finding a mean through all the bull shit I’m a floater in the toilet bowl mode I’m trying pole it ah 100 on or off so they can’t catch me slipping when I poor my heart out it’ll freeze the floor

  12. "aint no drank out there that can sooze my soul" – gah damn murdering that mic man

  13. Damnnnn finally dropped the official song 🔥🔥

  14. Type in J Cole on Letterman, he has the verse on it

  15. I hear a lot of Mac Miller in this

  16. Damn this classic hit different right now FR

  17. Chris Castellanos

    How are there any dislikes on this? Wow..

  18. Good shit Cole!!! Spirit come back Mike BRown!

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