Battle Rapper has lyrics Sexualizing A CHILD!!! 😡😡


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  1. That n*gga was out of pocket. The father and the men around him should have either jumped his clown ass or at least stopped his rap. sht was beyond foul

  2. U don't have to be perfect to know that what he said and the whole scene is demonic.

  3. The whole scene was disgusting. It goes to show you how some folks thinking. I questioned him because he has a darker skin tone. So clearly he perpetuating racism within your own community and sexualizing kids on top of that! He made my stomach turn.

  4. 《Melanin Poppin》*

    Disgusting would be an understatement.🤮💯🤦🏾‍♀️then you hear ppl in the crowd cheering him on like WTF is wrong with ppl he definitely gives off sexual predator vibes it was sad to see him disrespecting a blk child, a baby.

  5. great review! its good to hear a black man's point of view. I totally agree if was deplorable

  6. It was a confession of what he's done to a child. Btw I like your Chicago White Sox gear.

  7. The guy is definitely vibrating on the lowest frequency.

  8. He did it so others like you will talk about him.

  9. What surprised me with the battle was the crowd. That made me realize the situation was a lot worse!

  10. 6:07 Exactly, pull that mess and you're asking to get sent to the hospital or worse.

  11. Also, cancel the artist who made the ballerina with a rifle
    A DARKSKINNED GIRL could never be feminine 🥺😱👗🌷

  12. IDK..I've always thought RAP music would eventually go this way…when you disrespect women, this is next

  13. The fact that he actually sat there AND made up that shit really is sickening 🤮 mainstream rappers salute that shit and would work with him. NOBODY checked him 🤦🏻‍♀️

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